Monday, March 14, 2011

Snowfall and Snowdepths, so far…

Comparing snowfall totals this winter to last winter, through early March around the Jackson Hole area, shows that we have had about 7 more feet of snowfall this winter than we did last winter up at around the 9500-ft. elevation.

Total snowfall for the season so far at the bottom of Rendezvous Bowl at JHMR stands at 416 inches as of Monday March 14, 2011. Same date last March the total snowfall was 332 inches. A difference of 84 inches, or 7 feet.

Settled snow depths are a solid 4 feet deeper this winter in the mountains than this time last winter, almost 10 feet deep this year vs. barely 6 feet deep at 9500-ft. last year.

Even in the valley, we are ahead of last year by a good margin, with around 3 ½ feet at the base of Teton Village this year, while last year we had just under 2 feet on the ground. Total snowfall at the base of Teton Village this year is up to 158 inches, while last year we had only 101 inches of snowfall. Almost a 4 foot differential.

Even with all the snowfall we’ve had, the Snow Water Equivalents in the Snake River Basin are holding steady at around 110% of normal. Philips Bench Snotel, the closest to Jackson (located on the east side of Teton Pass at an elevation of 8200-ft.) is currently sitting at 103% of normal.

So, I suppose after two relatively dry winters in a row, this one seems much wetter, or snowier, when in fact it is closer to what we might consider “normal”.

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